In our English lessons we have been reading he story of the Gruffalo. He sent us a letter because he needs our help. He wants us to write some instructions for recipes to make him some delicious food. Today we read some with our partner and answered some questions to make sure we understood what we had read. Next week we will be looking at the features that they include to help us to write our own.


A great start!

We have had a great start to Y2 this week. We have been learning lots about our new school routines and how they help us to be the best learner and person we can be. It has been tricky but we have risen to the challenges and missions we have received.

Our two gold award winners his week have really shone. They have been setting a great example and have shown that they are already superstars at following our routines.

Today’s Gold Awards go to….

Congratulations to Abdu and Katy who were today’s deserving recipients of our Gold Awards. Katy was awarded today for her amazing work this week, she has stayed on task all week producing some amazing pieces of writing, beautiful colouring and drawing and a fantastic Superhero vehicle too, well done Katy.

Abdu has been quite possibly the most helpful person in The whole of school this week, no task has been too much trouble for him so he also receives a Gold Award this week. Fantastic!

Our winning House is……Hughes.

Children who are in the winning house of Hughes were lucky to receive an amazing reward this morning. Their house has gained over 8000 house points throughout the year so their treat….an amazing bouncy obstacle course followed by ice cream. The children had a fantastic time racing each other past the swashbuckling pirates and over the crocodile infested water before plunging into the deep dark ocean. What a fabulous treat for them all.